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Food in Amritsar

Amritsari Kulcha Amritsar is famous for food as well. There are many dishes which are famous and Amritsari kulcha is one of them. Amritsari kulcha is all india famous and served with chole(chikpeas) and salad.Best dish for breakfast and lunch as well.

Harmandir Sahib

Best Place to visit in Amritsar, Punjab, India.Harmandir Sahib is also known as golden temple.Peoples from different countries visit here for peace of mind.People from different religion visit here, there is no discrimation among cast, colour etc. There is free kitchen community serves vegetarian meal to the visitors without any discrimination.Harmandir Sahib is built around … Continue reading Harmandir Sahib

Wahga Border

The Wagah is a village located in Wagah zone. This is famous for border ceremony.The ceremony is held in evening every day.The flag ceremony is conducted by the Pakistan Rangers and Indian Border security force. People visit from different countries and attend border ceremony.Best place to visit in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

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